What matters most to material handling professionals?

MH&L asks that question of its readers every year, and dating back to the days of the Great Recession, the answer has consistently been job security. As the economy has been going like gangbusters for over a year now, job security has become less of a factor to material handling and logistics professionals. As the results of the MH&L 2018 Salary Survey indicate, the size of the paycheck has become almost as important. “If you really value me here at this company,” any of you are saying, “then prove it. Show me the money.”

Other respondents shared some of their biggest challenges including:

“Adapting to the omni-channel movement and providing timely
solutions for turnkey startups.”
“Using outdated (DOS-based) systems while keeping up with drastic
company and sales growth.”
“The changing carrier landscape and an increase in the importance of
third-party suppliers.”
“Safety, training and OSHA compliance.”
“Reducing overall logistics expenses in an environment of ever-
increasing transportation costs.”
“Online quick-fix buying cycles.”
“Available ocean space from China, and security in Mexico.”
“Same as always—collaboration.”

Want to read the entire report and learn what else matters most to your customers and prospects? Click here to download the report.

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