Proven Solutions for Incorporating Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Video content is a must have as part of your marketing strategy. 81% of marketers use it, and 97% of marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service. Ensure your investment delivers the return you need by partnering with our team of audience, digital marketing and video production to create video content that resonates with your target audience and performs in brand and social channels.

DOWNLOAD 2017 B2B Marketing Trends Report

Filled with valuable insights on B2B marketing behavior and important bellwether trends across high-growth industries, this report takes a look at 2018 and the top 3 areas to watch.

Top 3 Insights

  • Content marketing will become more sophisticated
  • An abundance of data will drive more personalized marketing
  • Analytics are drilling down to single user measurement/view

Topline B2B Marketing Trends

  • Marketers at enterprise companies prioritize events (83%), social media (72%) and content marketing (68%) as their top tactics to engage decision makers.
  • Measuring success/ROI is the top content marketing challenge for 55% of marketers.
  • Nearly half of enterprise marketers (45%) plan to increase their content marketing investment in the coming year and 42% plan to increase social media spend.

Informa Expert Spotlight

  • Shelli Winter Vice President, Marketing & Creative, Informa Engage

    Shelli combines her expertise in business, marketing and creative to deliver effective marketing solutions. She is responsible for branding, user experience and marketing creative for client campaigns, events and product marketing.

  • Tim Stark Global Director, Digital Events, Informa Engage

    Tim and his Digital Events Coordination team successfully manage over 1,000 webinars a year. With 26 years of B2B media experience, Tim knows how to get results: In 2017, they generated over 350K registrations.

  • Matt Rickman Director - Marketing and Creative

    Matt is a veteran creative director with a penchant for obsessing over the details. With a right-brain/left-brain balance of marketing strategy and creative execution, he leads client work and custom campaigns with his team of designers, illustrators, video producers and writers.

  • Ashley Lutz Marketing Director at Informa

    Ashley orchestrates successful marketing strategies and develops exciting new ways to reach target audiences for events and memberships.  Her creativity, desire to test new methods and a keen eye for design keeps messaging modern and on point with audiences.

Video Solutions


Create custom video assets that capture attention. Leverage Informa’s content experts, creative talent and marketing savvy to add a powerful punch  to your content marketing and social campaigns. We have the production skill, industry experience and know-how to develop video content that resonates with your target audience and meets your goals.


Explainer Videos break down complex topics into simple and easy-to-digest video segments. Typically 30-90 seconds, these videos are perfect content marketing assets that can be leveraged in a variety of ways.  They’re especially effective for top-of-funnel prospects in discovery and consideration phases.


Video marketing embedded in the heart of editorial articles to ensure maximum exposure.  Stand out from the noise and capture the audience’s attention with an immersive, visual & audio experience. In-Article Video Advertising allows you to place your message directly in front of your target audience in an extremely viewable format that has higher average CTRs than any other digital format.

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