STEM for the Holidays . . . and beyond!

Tomorrow’s engineers are in training now! And there is a whole new generation of training tools and toys on the market engaging budding scientists and engineers. New Equipment Digest senior Editor John Hitch set out to review some of those hitting the shelves this holiday season. Already the article and gallery have garnered tremendous interest. As part of the feature, we are conducting a STEM toy giveaway with three STEM toys. Take a look!

And what is the ultimate STEM STARTER?? Sister publication, Machine Design conducted a bracket contest a few years back to determine the top engineering kit, toy, model or tool. Sixteen products including Tinker Toys and Heath Kits went up against K’nex and Legos to see what toy got engineers first interested in STEM. The contest was also a huge success and showcases new marketing avenues for adventurous marketers! Ask your regional sales representative how contests and giveaways can help “rev up ” your 2019 marketing programs!

Think you can guess what ultimately won the STEM STARTER contest? We have a T-shirt for the first 10 people who guess correctly. Click here to email you answer!

Our audiences are very invested in this topic and really engage whenever articles are published. Here are just a few that manufacturing professionals have found of interest!






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