Unlock Social Media’s Potential to Be Responsive, Relevant, and Rewarding

Our team taps the real potential of social media. It’s not about going viral, it’s about building relationships. Targeting our database of 20 million professionals and extended networks to put your message in the ideal feeds, expanding the reach of your social channel. Employing  state-of-the-art e-listening tech to provide competitive insight and social strategy. It’s not rocket science, after all, it’s human communication.

DOWNLOAD 2017 B2B Marketing Trends Report

Filled with valuable insights on B2B marketing behavior and important bellwether trends across high-growth industries, this report takes a look at 2018 and the top 3 areas to watch.

Top 3 Insights

  • Content marketing will become more sophisticated
  • An abundance of data will drive more personalized marketing
  • Analytics are drilling down to single user measurement/view

Topline B2B Marketing Trends

  • Marketers at enterprise companies prioritize events (83%), social media (72%) and content marketing (68%) as their top tactics to engage decision makers.
  • Measuring success/ROI is the top content marketing challenge for 55% of marketers.
  • Nearly half of enterprise marketers (45%) plan to increase their content marketing investment in the coming year and 42% plan to increase social media spend.

Informa Expert Spotlight

  • Shelli Winter Vice President, Marketing & Creative, Informa Engage

    Shelli combines her expertise in business, marketing and creative to deliver effective marketing solutions. She is responsible for branding, user experience and marketing creative for client campaigns, events and product marketing.

  • Joanne Kropp VP of Customer Data Solutions & Market Leader

    Joann Kropp is an integrated marketer, a direct marketing and client- experience professional with deep industry b2b experience, and a proven corporate leadership driver.  She is a driver of results with a keen focus on company growth and ROI.

  • Jacquie Niemiec SVP Marketing, Infrastructure Intelligence

    With a focus on content marketing and program development, Jacquie helps customers leverage new marketing technology and solutions to meet their business goals.

  • Ashley Lutz Marketing Director at Informa

    Ashley orchestrates successful marketing strategies and develops exciting new ways to reach target audiences for events and memberships.  Her creativity, desire to test new methods and a keen eye for design keeps messaging modern and on point with audiences.

Social Solutions


Your own micro event direct from the expo or conference floor — or any location you desire. Our content team will help guide the discussion and moderate a live broadcast for 5-10 minutes. We’ll use our database to help identify the right audience, and marketing expertise to promote attendees to your live broadcast. Our program management team handles all the logistics, including production.


Do you really know how your social media marketing is performing relative to your competitors? Do you know what content is most effective with your prospects? We leverage social listening technologies and research analysis to provide social marketers with competitive benchmarking and the valuable insight needed to be highly effective.


Rely on our first-party data to power  your social campaign and target prospects with precision. Using in-feed native ads we’ll place a compelling headline, image and link back to your content into social platforms, targeting the companies, personas or look-a-likes that you identify.

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