Material Handling & Logistics

Material Handling & Logistics helps material handling experts make, store, move & compete more effectively

Material Handling & Logistics is now part of a very visible and top-of-mind process in today’s world. With e-commerce coming on strong, consumers are active participants in the supply chain. Smart phones have enabled users to have same-day fulfillment and direct-to-consumer service by scanning bar codes to set their personal supply chain transaction in process. When it comes to the supply chain, MH&L has it covered: warehousing, material handling equipment, transportation strategies, sustainability, logistics, global commerce, distribution, regulatory compliance, workforce management, new technology and automation. With our media combination, MH&L offers the most comprehensive coverage of the supply chain.

Who Reads Material Handling & Logistics?

Plant Management

VPs, Directors of Operations, Production, Plant Management, along with VPs, Directors of Engineering, R&D, Design & Technical Management

Corporate & Executive Management

CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, Executive VP, and GM

Other Management

VPs, Directors of Distribution, Warehousing, Logistics, Purchasing, Sourcing, Sales & Business Development
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Material Handling & Logistics Marketing Solutions

Material Handling & Logistics marketing solutions engage and influence material handling decision makers as they make, store, move & strive to compete more effectively.

We drive measurable business results for customers through collaboration on marketing program development and energize those programs with the use of relevant, informative and timely content to engage audiences while leveraging deep demographic data and behavioral insights to target and guide prospective buyers smoothly from discovery, to consideration, to purchase.

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