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We know that creating high quality content that drives high engagement and conversion takes time and resources. Creating 1-2 new content pieces a month just isn’t keeping up with demands of creating enough content for your website, newsletters and social channels.

According to Informa’s most recent B2B Marketing Trends Research, 49% of industrial marketers are investing more of their budget into Content Marketing in 2018. Are you one of the 49%, but not sure where to get started or do you have limited resources and can’t keep up with the volume of content needed?

What then?

Through a service called ContentStream, we’re able to extend to you the ability to select targeted content from our Manufacturing sites such as IndustryWeek, EHS, and MH&L, by using an easy-to-use dashboard interface. Within minutes you can promote this content in a variety of ways—to share with your social media audiences, populate your website, or use in your eNewsletters.

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