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IndustryWeek provides comprehensive, authoritative coverage of U.S. manufacturing every day. IndustryWeek’s outstanding team of editors and industry experts explores every facet of a $2 trillion industry undergoing a technological transformation, even as it attracts a new breed of employees and copes with global competition. A growing manufacturing audience trusts IndustryWeek to keep them abreast of leading edge ideas and news on technology, operations, leadership, supply chain and workforce management.

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IndustryWeek Solutions

IndustryWeek Marketing Solutions engage and influence decision makers in the manufacturing sector as they face unprecedented technological transformation and workforce challenges.  

We drive measurable business results for customers through collaboration on marketing program development and energize those programs with the use of relevant, informative and timely content to engage audiences while leveraging deep demographic data and behavioral insights to target and guide prospective buyers smoothly from discovery, to consideration, to purchase.

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IndustryWeek helps manufacturing professionals

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