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Foundry Management & Technology is an independent source of information for the foundry & die casting industries

For more than 120 years, Foundry Management & Technology has provided executives, production management, purchasing, and process control personnel with information that focuses exclusively on their needs and the needs of their suppliers, and provides a comprehensive directory to the metalcasting market

Who Reads Foundry?

Executive Management & Purchasing Personnel

President, Vice President, Owner, General Manager or other corporate executive, Purchasing Personnel

Production Management & Personnel

Production Engineering Production Management Foreman, Supervisory & Other Production Personnel

Process Control Personnel

Process Control Engineer & Other Process Control Personnel, Metallurgical & Inspection
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Foundry Management & Technology Marketing Solutions

Foundry Management & Technology marketing solutions engage and influence decision makers in the foundry & die casting sector.

We drive measurable business results for customers through collaboration on marketing program development and energize those programs with the use of relevant, informative and timely content to engage audiences while leveraging deep demographic data and behavioral insights to target and guide prospective buyers smoothly from discovery, to consideration, to purchase.

Our Readers

Foundry helps foundry & die casting professionals

  • See how others are implementing new technologies
  • Learn best practices from world-class companies
  • Read profiles of top forgers
  • Get information on new products and services

Foundry helps marketers

  • Think big by sharing your content and brand messaging with the top Forging leaders in the country.
  • Build successful research and content marketing campaigns that drive insight and lead generation.
  • Successfully launch new products and build brand awareness with the help of our team of marketing, sales and research professionals.
  • Do more with less. We will help you find innovative and creative ways to market your products and solutions to our targeted audience in a way that makes sense for your business and your budget.

Create a program that delivers results.