Expectations for metalcasting growth and development in the coming year

Metalcasting is not an ordinary industrial market: it is sensitive to all types of economic variables (raw materials, energy, labor) as well as financial conditions (interest rates, tariffs.) Shifts in industrial demand or consumer demand can punish metalcasters that are unprepared to respond to changes. The business forces producers to manage high operating costs, and it demands adherence to the behavior of long, complex supply chains.

Evaluating metalcasting industry conditions and forecasting economic developments for foundries and diecasters demands a more concentrated look at their activities, who they do business with and what opportunities and challenges they face. That is the objective, and the purpose, of Foundry Management & Technology’s 2019 Metalcasting Business Outlook.

We seek to understand not only the current operating circumstances for these enterprises, but also the underlying conditions shaping the businesses, and how these are received and understood by the industry’s decision-makers.

Take a look at the full report here.

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