Influence decision makers, from top-floor strategists to plant-floor tacticians.

  • Learn best practices from world-class manufacturers.
  • Operate more efficient and profitable companies
  • Get information on new products and services.
  • Stay up-to-date on a global industry.

The Leading Edge Of Manufacturing Innovation

  • Discover the latest manufacturing innovations and applications across the industry
  • Connect with vendors and suppliers to make smarter buying decisions
  • Follow the latest news and trends transforming the industry
  • Learn what solutions top manufacturers are deploying to improve operations and efficiency
  • Browse our robust database to find the right tools to adopt today

We cover vital environment, health & safety best practices & compliance information.

  • Stay updated with the latest safety advice and trend analysis from industry leaders
  • Discover the safety best practices of world-class companies
  • Implement EHS leadership best practices
  • Get information on new products and services

MH&L reaches managers who oversee material handling, supply chain & logistics across manufacturing, distribution centers & retail sectors.

  • Focus on the inside of manufacturing and warehousing and the outside of global transportation and distribution
  • Easy access to the insights of industry thought leader
  • Coverage of the basics and cutting-edge trends
  • Best practices on growing logistics from a tactical process to a competitive strategy

American Machinist’s editorial content is written specifically to inform and meet the needs of metalworking professionals in executive management with purchasing influence.

  • Source of product news, technology trends and best practices for OEMs, contract manufacturers and machine shop owners in metalworking industries
  • Support a variety of industries including aerospace, industrial machinery, machine tools, and automotive

For more than 120 years, Foundry Management & Technology has provided executives, production management, purchasing, and process control personnel with information that focuses exclusively on their needs and the needs of their suppliers, and provides a comprehensive directory to the metalcasting market.

  • Follow developments at metalcasting operations worldwide
  • Learn how metalcasters address new and recurring production problems
  • Discover new capabilities and functions available for molding, melting, pouring, and finishing
  • Collect ideas, insights on manufacturing and management trends shaping metalcasting

In Forging you’ll find the latest industry, association and new product news; first-hand accounts of plant tours and success stories; and the industry’s only comprehensive directory of products and services.

  • See and learn developments in forging production technology
  • Follow developments in forging operations worldwide
  • Understand how new products, materials perform
  • Collect ideas, insights on manufacturing trends shaping the forging industry

The new Manufacturing & Technology Conference & Expo builds on the successful Best Plants Conference, produced by IndustryWeek.

  • Identify the stunning new technologies being introduced into the manufacturing sector
  • Learn from powerful speakers offering innovative ideas, compelling insights and effective strategies to improve operations
  • Discover strategies and best practices that will give your company a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Benchmark your company against world-class companies
  • Learn from IndustryWeek Best Plants award winners and how they demonstrate performance metrics

The Safety Leadership Conference is designed to share best safety practices with companies hoping to achieve world-class safety.

  • Learn how to implement safety best practices in your workplace
  • Discover how to implement transformational safety leadership
  • OSHA compliance guidance
  • Improve your knowledge of plant floor safety technology
  • Understand the key elements of a world-class safety construction safety program