10 Ways Mobility Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing

By Louis Columbus, Vice President, Marketing at iBASEt

81% of CEOs see mobile technologies as being strategically important for their enterprises.
The top three technology priorities of industrial manufacturing CEOs are mobility (73%), cybersecurity (72%) and data mining and analysis (70%).

86% of CEOs say a clear vision of how digital technologies including mobile can create competitive advantage is key to the success of their investments.

These and many other insights are from PwC’s 18th Annual Global CEO Survey (free, no opt in). The report provides insights into the priorities, plans and technology adoption trends of CEOs for 2015. Based on interviews with 1,322 CEOs located in 77 countries, the survey provides valuable insights into the strategic direction enterprises are taking with technology investments. The following two graphics from the report illustrate the strategic importance CEOs are placing on mobile technologies in 2015:

Exploring How Mobility Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing

CEOs prioritizing the strategic importance of mobile technologies are driving a revolution in manufacturing today. Designing mobility into new production strategies, processes and procedures is bringing greater accuracy & speed to production centers. Augmenting existing processes with mobility is delivering solid efficiency gains. The net result is greater communication, collaboration and responsiveness to customer-driven deadlines and delivery dates than has been possible before. Manufacturers are staying away from BYOD on the shop floor due to security, scalability and support challenges. Instead, the focus is on how to standardize on industrial-grade mobile devices including tablets designed for manufacturing environments.

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